My Story

As a passionate educator and having the privilege to serve many districts, students, and families over the past 21 years, I have seen common threads in every place I have been.  Everyone is struggling.  Adults and children are struggling and in the our current systems whether it is education or the workplace, we ask people to separate their personal development and their professional wellness.

About two years ago, after much introspection, I walked away from being an elementary principal.  I was having an internal shift on how I could better serve educational communities.  This is what I know; daily I saw pain in my students, staff, and families with no intentional way systemically to nudge the needle.  Our society sends a strong message that if we work really hard and get good grades, we will be successful.  We tend focus on the external and not the internal, where real success can only occur.

I felt a yearning to serve teachers, leaders, students, and families in a different way.  That was the real beginning of my journey with mindfulness.  Today, I am empowered to and believe in mindfulness as the ultimate academic intervention for students and wellness intervention for all of the adults supporting them.

What if we were to weave personal and professional wellness and development?  What if, we emphasized our social-emotional wellness at work, at school, and at home?  What if we taught all, big and small how to access the tools we all have within?  What if we were able to create breathing room for all, that would in turn produce benefits such as:  increased attention, focus, awareness, overall well-being (physical and emotional) improved relationships, and work performance?  What if it were mainstream to practice mindfulness without the snickers in the background?  I am a passionate dreamer and I believe mindfulness is an antidote to so many of the current stressors and situations we each face on a daily basis.

Let me support you or your organization’s  journey with mindfulness.

Education and Experience

Yoga Alliance Registered Certified Yoga Teacher, Yoga Mandali 2016

Children’s Yoga and Mindfulness Teacher (RCYT) Little Flower Yoga 2015-2017

Certified Mindfulness Facilitator, The Engaged Mindfulness Institute 2016-2017

MS in Education, SUNY Potsdam 1998

NYS School District Administrator Certification, MCLA 2003

NYS Teacher Certification N-6, Reading K-12, SUNY Potsdam 1996

Member of The International Mindfulness Teachers Association

I have served in the classroom as an elementary teacher, reading teacher, AIS provider, Assistant Principal, Special Education Supervisor, CSE Chair/Principal, Staff Developer and currently as a Supervisor of Instructional Technology.

Next Steps…

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