Personal Wellness Series/Workshops/ Classes

Put your own oxygen mask on first, that is what we are told to do in case of an emergency on an airplane.  How many of us truly take care of ourselves first?  If you have neglected to care for yourself while caring for others, you may feel the side effects, it’s exhausting.

We offer in-house personal self-care sessions in mindfulness and yoga, a series of sessions so you can continue to build your skills and practice, half-day, day-long, and multi-day retreats to experience full immersion.

Professional Wellness Series/Workshops/ Day, Multi-Day Intensives/Customized Retreats

Whether you want to bring Mindfulness and Yoga into your learning environment or your workplace, we’ve got you covered.  You can build your own training or choose from the following:

  • Changing Culture
  • Stress Management and Self-Care
  • Leading Mindfully
  • Mindfulness and Yoga in Education Series
  • Mindfulness and Yoga in the Workplace Series
  • Happiness Workshop
  • Virtual online community-practice, support, and book studies available


Need a presentation for your staff, families, or community?

Topics for consultation and presentation include: changing culture, stress management and self-care, mindfulness and yoga in your life and/or workplace, mindful leadership, effects of trauma on the brain, best practices for instruction, and leadership.  Whatever your needs are, I can customize a day for you.

Clients include:

  • St. Lawrence University Principal’s Academy Summer Retreat
  • Planned Parenthood
  • Families Are Us
  • FEH BOCES Staff Development Days
  • Presented at NYSCATE Conference November 2017 on Mindful Leadership
  • School Districts Include:  Beekmantown CSD, Camden CSD, Crowne Point CSD, Saranac CSD, Coxsackie-Athens CSD, Massena CSD, CVES BOCES
  • COSN Presenter National Conference in Washington,DC March 2018
  • International Center for Leadership in Education Model Schools Conference in Orlando, Fl June 2018, DC 2019
  • New York State Reading Association 2018
  • St. Regis Mohawk Tribe Educational Division Staff Retreat December 2018
  • CVES BOCES Mindfulness for Educators:  A 3 Day Immersion Series February 2019-June 2019
  • Presenter Nairobi, Kenya Ustahimilivu Dadas 2019
  • Monthly half-day retreats at Breathing Room studio
  • Restore-Reflect-Reboot Series

Leading Mindfully

Leadership is challenging no matter what field you are in.  You need space to lead, breathing room.  Learn ways to take back your day and lead with integrity. Learn effective immediate practices that you can apply to improve your focus, clarity, creativity, and compassion.

You can choose to have daily sessions, virtual sessions or a series of 6-8 sessions.

Private sessions available for leaders in all arenas.

Mindfulness and Yoga in Education

Whether you want to gain information about integrating mindfulness and yoga into your learning environment or implement a full blown program to support your staff and student’s emotional needs, we’ve got you covered.

The Mindfulness and Yoga in Education series will train your staff and students in basic foundational mindfulness practices. Teachers and adults benefit by changing their relationship to stress, learning the importance of self-care, tools for burn-out prevention and recovery, while improving or enhancing teaching performance.

Students will learn how to focus and sustain attention, self-regulate and demonstrate self-control, manage emotions, and are provided with tools to improve overall social-emotional well being.

Mindfulness and Yoga in the Workplace

This series is customizable and will target bringing the practices of mindfulness and yoga into your working environment. Individuals will learn the basic science of mindfulness and gain tools to improve overall wellness, importance of self-care, the power of the breath, and enhance personal and professional performance.

All offerings and services are able to be personalized for you and your organizational needs.