“The program on Mindfulness was well done.  It provided me with insight and awareness to take moments through out the day to increasing positive and healthy energy.  It also gave me tools and techniques to achieve a positive mind set with myself and others.  Thank you for providing such a great program.” Tech Teacher HS CP

“Thank you so much for bringing this to our school – I felt like I was at a retreat all day…so valuable!” Teacher CP

“I really enjoyed our Staff Development day on Friday. It is nice to be reminded to take time for you! I also did some of the breathing exercises with my 1st graders today. Taco breathing was a hit!” Teacher CP

“I liked the whole day! I thought it was good for me and will also translate into my classroom.” Teacher CP
“Gotta get through the ick to get to the good!” Middle School Teacher North Country NY

“I’m using the mindfulness techniques I learned from Shannon in both my professional and personal life.  It has really provided me with the ability to successfully handle stress. I feel more focused and energized now.  Thank you Shannon!”  Keith S. Plattsburgh,NY

“Breathing Room and mindfulness shows her commitment to the social and emotional well being of the North Country Community.  I have had the privilege to attend Shannon’s pd and her knowledge and expertise in the area of mindfulness has helped me to become a better administrative educator.  I am honored to call her my friend and colleague.” Principal Julie North Country NY

“Taking a mindfulness session with Shannon is relaxing, energizing and invigorating.  Learn how to BREATHE!”  Dawn Z. Edwards-Knox, NY